Northfield High School Class of '78

Listed alphabetically by last name at time of graduation. Click on the person's name to see their page.

(The information and photographs contained within this Class of '78 website were obtained from the Northfield Alumni Association, Rambler 78 and the individuals themselves. If you do not want certain personal information on this site or you have updated information you would like inserted, please contact us via e-mail.)


Photo On File



Updated Profile

William Amell

David Drury

Ann Kloeckner

Greg Reed

Dale Atwood

Mike Dukette *

Ronald Knight *

Tom Ritzer *

Lynn Barrows

Reginald Duquette *

Lori Labare

Shirley Roux *

Andrew Bean

Mary Fifield

Laura Lambert

Jody Russell

Chris Bean *

Dena Flinn

Mike Langley *

Gaye Ryan *

Carole Bell *

Richard Flinn

Susan Langley

Barbara Schell *

John Bell

Michael Flynn

Robert Laughlin *

Kathy Seaver

Andrew Bothfeld

Brian French *

Andrew LaValley *

Dawn Seckington

Wesley Briggs *

Frank Gallo *

Amy MacMartin

Jim Severance *

Darrell Brown

Kimberly Garrity *

Andrew Melville *

Homer Smith *

James Brown

Julie Goodrich

Louis Messier

Darlene St. John *

Holly Buzzell *

Darrell Goslant

John Mitchell *

Raymond St. John

Kathy Corey

Ann Greenan *

Cindy Monmaney

Mark Stone *

Bruse Crane (sic) *

Patricia Greenslit

Marilyn Nadeau

Pam Surprise *

Cindy Cruickshank *

Susan Guyette *

Ruth Newbrough

Shiela Surprise *

Jodie Davis  

Richard Hall

Jon Oneratoe (sic) *

Tim Sykas

Ned Dawes *

Christine Hansberger

Tammy Osmer *

Brigitte Tierney

Brian Delary

Beth Hanscom *

Wendy Pape *

Paul Trapani *

Kathy Delude

Dawn Hastings *

Brian Partlow

Pam Trombley *

David Demasi

Norris Holt *

Nancy Partlow *

Terry Tucker *

Fran Demasi *

Joel Jennett

Shawna Pinard

Trish Turner *

Gordon Dezotell

Carol Jones

Terry Plastridge *

Lenora Warensford

Rory Dezotell

John Kelly *

Pamela Pratt

Ann Warner

Sharon Drown *

Robin Kingston *

Patricia Rattee

Steve Wood *

Bruce Wright

Honorary Graduates - Suzanne Boyett * , Judi Brugnoni * and Rhonda George *

Class Marshall - Todd Eurbin *

In Memory - Matt Cooley, Sandy Doney and classmates noted above


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